What business use is my car covered for?

Our robust cover means it’s not the end of the world if you use your car for business use. You’re still covered as long as it’s none of the below.

Business use that will not have cover:

  • Ride-sharing, or carrying fare-paying passengers such as a Taxi, or Uber.
  • Courier or delivery business (including food delivery such as UberEats).
  • In connection with a trade or servicing business that does any instillation, maintenance, cleaning or repair work on homes.
  • To carry goods or samples for financial gain or reward, as part of any business (apart from Farming)
  • As part of any motor (or automotive) trade profession (such as a mechanic)
  • Formal driver training or education.
  • Towing for reward (e.g. to a tow another car)
  • Car being hired out (e.g. a peer to peer hire)

If you use your car for any of the above our cover isn’t suitable and you’re better off with commercial cover (usually sold by an insurance broker or commercial insurer).

So, is all other business use covered?

For any other use other than those listed, your vehicle can be covered – even while it’s performing that business activity. Our policy is effectively a hybrid private and commercial cover for all other business use.

Here’s some example of occupations we cover (not an exhaustive list!)
  • Office professional that travels to visit clients.
  • Property Manager driving to properties for inspections or viewings.
  • Farmer using a Ute on and off farm for the purposes of running their farm.
  • Real estate agent or salesperson

Remember, this is not a full list. Anything not included in our exclusions above can be covered. If you’re still unsure, get in touch and we let you know.