Car insurance basics

How does Claims Grade and Knock-for-Knock work?

When you have had claims you may have to pay more premium on your insurance. Don’t be offended, insurance companies are just trying to automatically place a price on the risk of the driver. In insurance driving this is called ‘pricing risk’. Car insurance is a bit different to house… Learn more

What is Driver Grade?

Calculating the price on your car insurance policy involves measuring a range of things. A big part of pricing the policy is the driver. When you get a quote from us we ask about the number of claims you’ve had in the last five years, where you or the owner… Learn more

What business use is my car covered for?

Our robust cover means it’s not the end of the world if you use your car for business use. You’re still covered as long as it’s none of the below. Business use that will not have cover: Ride-sharing, or carrying fare-paying passengers such as a Taxi, or Uber. Learn more

Car insurance

Car insurance basics